10 questions to… Conradin Cramer

Conrad Cramer is a freshly elected government Councilor in the canton of Basel-Stadt and ao. responsible for the sports department. In the first of our “10 questions to …” series, the Basel Minister of Sports presents himself with personal and humorous answers.

 Do you sometimes count your steps while walking?
That is nowadays done unasked by a smartphone. Sometimes I am amazed when looking atthe display. Yesterday I apparently made over ten thousand steps and that, although I spent half the day in meetings. Possibly, the mental steps are counted.

If you could wish for it: Sixpack or well-shaped muscular legs?
Sixpack! There is nothing better in the summer than to cool off with a cool beer.

Which sport do you prefer? And which one are you best in?
This is not the same question! So I like to be outdoors in nature. For example, when cycling. My biggest successes, however, I celebrate in the discipline “Looking-for-excuses–so-I-don’t-need-to-go-to-the-gym”.

Your personal greatest sporting success?
1m95 at high-jump.

Your personal idol in sports?
For me as far as positive thinking is concerned, the former tennis protagonist Vitas Gerulaitis is the measure of all things. Sixteen times, Jimmy Connors lost him, beating him in the seventeenth game, and stunned the world of sports with the phrase “Do you remember that nobody is beating Vitas Gerulaitis seventeen times in a row!”

What cannot be missing in your refrigerator, before and after the sport?
Before sports: enough water and a banana. After the sport: see sixpack.

Your favourite sport as a spectator?
I have the great privilege of being able to witness countless sports as a spectator as Basel sports Minister of Sports. So I do not want to commit myself, there are simply too many great things.

What talent that you don’t have, would you like to own?
Soccer talent – and then, after a perfect cross from Delgado, shooting the ball in the opposing goal…

What would you like as a government council and Basel Minister of Sports to give the participants of the IWB Basel Marathon on the route?
The old sportsman’s wisdom: Give it your all, just don’t quit! And if it does not work so well, always remember: sweat is crying fat!

Do you participate in the IWB Basel Marathon?
No, I give a great experience to all runners and therefore I do not want anyone to be disturbed by a governing body that only takes away space  on the finish line.


We would like to thank Mr. Cramer for the interview.