10 questions to… Maja Neuenschwander

The promoted historian Maja Neuenschwander is now a professional marathon runner. Her best time, run 2015 in Berlin and at the same time Swiss record, is 2:26:49. At that time, it was almost one minute ahead of Fränzi Rochat-Moser’s excellent record since 1994 (!). Maja Neuenschwander won the Vienna Marathon in 2015 and participated in 2016 at the Olympic Games in Rio.

 Do you sometimes count your steps while walking?
No, but the kilometers when running! But I ran once with a metronome, so I could see how high my step rate is – so I could just calculate my step number after every training.

If you could wish for it: Sixpack or well-shaped muscular legs?
Most preferably both – the legs should be rather strong than big muscle-packed.

Which sport do you prefer? And which one are you best in?
In a quizshow that would really not have many points: 2x running!

Your personal greatest sporting success?
Victory at the Vienna Marathon and the surpass of the Marathon Swiss Record.

Your personal idol in sports?
Kathrine Switzer, because she showed everyone that even women can run marathons and Paula Radcliffe, because she has shown to all ‘white women’ that they can win marathons, too.

What cannot be missing in your refrigerator, before and after the sport?
Before and after the sport I eat less from the fridge, rather from the ‘pan’, cold food tolerates my body after sports stress rather bad …

Your favourite sport as a spectator?
I am very athletic ‘broad’ interested, depending on the season ski race, football games etc.

What talent that you don’t have, would you like to own?
To be more patient, so I do not always begin to “scratch” my legs, if I have planned to walk, but for some reason it is not (yet) possible.

What would you like as an Olympian to give the participants of the IWB Basel Marathon on the route?
I would like to give the participants not only tips for the competition – a marathon starts much earlier! Absolutely early – so now (!) begin with the training, so that the course can be completed at the end of September. With a few running training in the legs and with the anticipation of the event, running is even more fun – the tournament will be a success, I am convinced.

Do you participate in the IWB Basel Marathon?
Unfortunately not, I hope to be on the starting line for the Berlin Marathon on September 24th.


We would like to thank Maja for the interview.