Our categories in detail

You want to participate in the IWB basel Marathon, but do not know which is the right category for you? We explain to you our 4 categories in detail, because the IWB Basel Marathon 2017 has something to offer for everyone.

10 kilometers single

The 10 km run is the ideal opportunity for amateurs and hobby athletes to participate in such a course. In this category the participant completes the 2.5 km course four times.

Half marathon single

During the half marathon, 21 km are completed. The first round will be completed on a 1.1 km course, followed by 8 laps on the 2.5 km course.

EKIDEN Team Marathon

In the EKIDEN Team Marathon, 6 runners share the marathons distance of 42 km. The name EKIDEN stands for long-distance relay runs and was developed in Japan in the 17th century. In order to transport news from Tokyo to Kyoto, the route was then divided among several runners and passed the news from runner to runner.

At the IWB Basel Marathon the message is replaced by a Velcro with integrated chip. However, the system remains the same. Each runner will complete a section of 2 – 4 laps on a circuit of about 2.5 km. A total of 17 laps will be completed. A team consists of 6 runners. Each team member may only run one section. The runners of the individual sections are determined at the time of registration. The breakdown is as follows:

Runner A – 4 laps (10 km) | Runner B – 2 laps (5 km) | Runner C – 4 laps (10 km)

Runner D – 2 laps (5 km) | Runner E – 2 laps (5 km) | Runner F – 3 rounds (7,2 km)

EKIDEN Team half marathon

The system and rules are the same as for the EKIDEN Team Marathon. However, instead of the 42 km only 21 km are completed. The breakdown is as follows:

Runner A – 2 laps (3,6 km) | Runner B – 1 round (2,5 km) | Runner C – 2 laps (5 km)

Runner D – 1 laps (2,5 km) | Runner E – 1 round (2,5 km) | Runner F – 2 laps (5 km)

Start and finish of all runs are located directly on the market square in the center of Basel.

We wish you lots of fun and success at the IWB Basel Marathon