Preparation Training IWB Basel Marathon 2017

…get yourself in shape and participate in one of our Pre-Marathon Trainings. The Basel Running Club (Laufsportverein Basel, LSVB) and their certified coaches will help you reach your goals. Your ambitions and our know-how will lead to success! You will get into the right shape for your running ambitions through weekly training sessions and professional advices. The training will have a special focus on stage runs just like the EKIDEN Marathon. Every week has another training purpose:

CW 34: The first training units are held on 22nd and 24th of August 2017. We will help you to optimize your nutrition to get your body the right fuel. Short but intensive running units and running-technique optimization will also be part of this session.

CW 35: In our second training week its all about stamina and energy-distribution, because pure muscle power won’t get you to the finish line. Our certified coaches help you to find the right balance between power and stamina.

CW 36: Long distance runs are boring and monotonous? The third training week is about persevering. We will show you how to keep up your motivation until the end of the run.

CW 37: The IWB Basel Marathon 2017 gets closer and closer, its time to train under competitive conditions. On September 12 and 14 we will show you the course of the IWB Basel Marathon and draw attention to the characteristics and difficulties of the track.

CW 38: Shortly before the big showdown we will get you into the “Beast Mode”! During the last training week, our certified coaches take care of the fine adjustment and help you with the optimal running preparation to reach your goal on Sunday.

Information about the place and time can be found here
The prerequisite is a participation at the IWB Basel Marathon 2017. If you are interested in the preparation training, please send an email to

We are looking forward to see you – see you on the runway!

As a postprocessing and get-together, the Rennbahnklinik offers an interesting lecture on the subject of “Runner-Specific ailments” in the Auditorium of the Rennbahnklinik on 28.09.2017. Diagnosis by means of 3D analysis and therapy possibilities are also discussed. To register please send us an e-mail to