10 questions to… Roger Brennwald

Roger Brennwald founded the Swiss Indoors Basel in 1970 and has been its president since then. Since 2009, the Basler Tournament has been part of the ATP Formula 500, the Champions League of Tennis, and is today the third largest Hall tournament in the ATP World Tour. Over the decades, Roger Brennwald has made a name for himself as a creative innovator and as a prudent preserve of traditions throughout the world.

Do you sometimes count your steps while walking?
Sure, because standstill means a step backwards. And: the best ever barefoot, then the shoe of life does not press you…

If you could wish for it: Sixpack or well-shaped muscular legs?
Muscular legs; Good for soil adhesion and stability.

Which sport do you prefer? And which one are you best in?
On today’s favorite no one at all. But for health’s sake: daily hometraining.

Your personal greatest sporting success?
It’s long ago. Countless regional junior titles in athletics and various national games with the Swiss handball national team.

Your personal idol in sports?
Phil Taylor. Thanks to him Darts developed into an exciting spectator and TV sport.

What cannot be missing in your refrigerator, before and after the sport?
Wild berries.

Your favourite sport as a spectator?
Tennis is logical, but also sports in its diversity. Definitely no pseudo-events and also not those, which follow a volatile trend or only the commercial lane.

What talent that you don’t have, would you like to own?
Drawing or piano playing, most preferably both.

What would you like as president of Swiss Indoors Basel to give the participants of the IWB Basel Marathon on the route?
It is not about being the best, but about surpassing oneself.

Do you participate in the IWB Basel Marathon?
Better not, but thank you for the invitation!


Thank you, dear Roger Brennwald, for your stimulating answers!